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23 September 14

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anime so sad you can’t read the subtitles through your tears

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No matter how many times you hear Liam and Pat argue on the podcast.


This makes me warm inside. 

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excuse me i need your leg


excuse me i need your leg

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i love how no one messes with avatar the last airbender. there are people who are like, wow you watch doctor who? fucking nerd. you watch anime? gosh you’re such a weirdo. you watch avatar the last airbender? oh man you know that’s pretty cool so um what kind of bender would you be omg isn’t toph badass and don’t get me started on appa

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evanthegingah said: If you could explain to me why you are so passionate about feminism in a non biased way that would be awesome. Please get back to me asap. Thanks.


I’m a woman.

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go to google translate. type a sentence in english and translate it to a language of your choice. translate it again to another language. translate it again. and again. and again. translate it 6 more times. then once more. translate it one final time back to english. what are you left with? something that’s completely different than the original. 

or as we like to call it

the bible


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The first episode of friends aired 20 years ago today on September 22th, 1994

It’s like all of my life everybody has always told me “You’re a shoe! You’re a shoe, you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe!” And then today I just stopped and I said “What if I don’t wanna be a shoe? What if I wanna be a purse? You know? Or a hat?” 

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TBFP The Walking Dead: Part 7

  • Pat: Fuck you too, Bonnie
  • Matt: How's all the BETRAYAL food in your stomach digesting?
  • Pat: Does it taste delicious?
  • Matt: Does it taste like DECEIT?
  • Pat: Does it pass easily?

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i’m doing $5 waist-up, full color commissions for a bit so i can participate in Digi’s latest box split, help me out? i only need two one more!


you can send me a note on dA or send me an ask here if you’re interested!

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when your friend makes a vague post and you’re worried it’s about you cause if it was it’d be true 


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Iron Giant Costume


Iron Giant Costume

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Ah fuck it, I give up im going to drink my booze.
— Pat aka my hero (via imgoingtobelateforjojoschool)

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh